Tony Aitken   Feb. 2016: currently filming 'Julius Caesar ' for Colonel Blimp Productions Now represented by the wonderful Sharon Levinson at the Dennis Lyne Agency..

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  • Tony Aitken is a well known UK  Actor and Voice Artist.  With a professional digitally equipped Studio with ISDN facilities, any media, digital or analogue can be imported or exported. To the right are some VO demo  tracks, Agency  and contact details. The  demo tracks are mp3 files, recorded for speed of access, they will load quickly, but are nowhere near broadcast quality. For a copy of the latest CD or an Mp3 demo in sparkling stereo,  email your details.




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  • Dennis Lyne Agency 
    503 Holloway Road
    London N19 4DD
    Tel:  020 72725020 

    Available on Amazon now! The link might need opening on the following page, or search Tony Aitken on www.







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